Sunshine Blogger Award #5

I was nominated by Delphine @ Delphine the Babbler to do another round of The Sunshine Blogger Award. It’s been about a month and I’ve finally answered her questions. Thank you so much for the nomination Delphine! I had a great time answering your questions! Here’s what’s going on with this award, this time around! TheContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award #5”

Book Review: Everything You Want Me to Be by Mindy Mejia

You know makes a great beach read? An addicting thriller, that grabs you immediately and never lets you go. Everything You Want Me To Be by Mindy Mejia is a perfect blend of secrets and lies wrapped Jane Eyre and Macbeth literary illusions. Hattie Hoffman has no idea who she is. She’s spent the firstContinue reading “Book Review: Everything You Want Me to Be by Mindy Mejia”

The Cookie Book Tag

Beth @ Reading Every Night tagged me for the Cookie Book Tag and I couldn’t be happier! Not only because I am now jouncing for a tagalong but because she’s an awesome blogger. So go check out her site! Rules: In addition to linking back to the person who tagged you, it would be awesome ifContinue reading “The Cookie Book Tag”