Book Style // The Girls by Emma Cline

I’ve been having fun making outfits inspired by different books I’ve read this year. This time I styled this outfit based on The Girls by Emma Cline. For this outfit I tried to capture the a little bit of the 60s while still making it very wearable.

Social Media Book Tag

Its time for another tag. This one takes the function of different social media sites and boils them down to a sentence. Then you name a book about each one. In short, it sounds like a party! This tag was created by FaultyDevices and you can check out the original video here. I think a questionContinue reading “Social Media Book Tag”

‘The 100’ Character Book Tag

I was on the internet browsing book tags one night and I came across this tag from Book Twister Reviews. Book Twister Reviews has taken an awesome and epic TV show and decided to try her hand at creating a tag. For those unfamiliar with he show: The 100 follows a group of juvenile delinquentsContinue reading “‘The 100’ Character Book Tag”

3 Days, 3 Quotes // On Being Girls (Day 3)

It’s the final day of my 3 Days, 3 Quotes nomination from The Awkward Book Blogger. THE RULES: Share your three favorite quotes over three days or quotes that had an impact on you over three days Tag a few friends and share the love! Onto Day 3’s quote!

The Alphabet Book Tag

Happy Friday everyone! I have another tag for you all. I found The Alphabet Tag over at My Midnight Musing. This fun little tag takes you through the alphabet and hopefully introduces you to a few new titles. Let’s grow our TBR piles together.


I have hungrily devoured books with dark and twisty female characters these last few months, but The Girls by Emma Cline is a whole new animal. The story is about a fourteen-year-old girl named Evie Boyd who is enamored with a group of girls she sees one day in the park, particularly one girl named Suzanne.Continue reading “NEW RELEASE BOOK REVIEWS: The Girls by Emma Cline”