Sunshine Blogger Award #5

I was nominated by Delphine @ Delphine the Babbler to do another round of The Sunshine Blogger Award. It’s been about a month and I’ve finally answered her questions. Thank you so much for the nomination Delphine! I had a great time answering your questions! Here’s what’s going on with this award, this time around! TheContinue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award #5”

Blogger Recognition Award

I was very fortunate to be nominated for this award by the amazing Dani @ Perspective of a Writer and I am so excited and thankful for this nomination! If you haven’t already, check out Dani’s awesome blog, follow here, and most importantly, take her blogging advice! Here are the rules should you choose to acceptContinue reading “Blogger Recognition Award”

The Versatile Blogger Award #2

Welcome back! I am catching up on some nominations over the next couple of months, and today I am turning my attention to the second edition of The Versatile Blogger Award. (You can take a look at Part 1 here!) I was nominated by Jacquie @ Rattle the Stars! Thank you so much for this nomination! TheContinue reading “The Versatile Blogger Award #2”

The Versatile Blogger Award #1

Thank you so much to Lisa @ Nefarious Reader for the nomination! This is another case of me being clueless, or just busy, and not realizing that I’d been nominated! But I am making up for it now. Here is my post accepting The Versatile Blogger Award! For anyone who is unfamiliar, here are theContinue reading “The Versatile Blogger Award #1”