The Inside Out Book Tag

I have a love for Disney and Pixar movies and I really loved Inside Out! I found this tag over at Big City Bookworm and I thought I would give it a shot. The Inside Out Book Tag features five different books based on five different emotions that star in the film. Let’s get started!

The Birthstone Book Tag

This book tag immediately drew me in. This tag was created by Jay G and I found it over at Spines and Covers. It seemed like fun so I thought I would give it a try. Maybe it’s because I keep seeing beautiful photos of odd fandom engagement rings on the internet. I found a few ofContinue reading “The Birthstone Book Tag”

This or That Book Tag

This or That Book Tag by Ayunda at Tea and Paperbacks. I found this on Wonderfully Bookish and I thought it sounded kind of fun. Thank you Charlotte for posting this wonderful tag. Here are the rules: -Mention the creator of the tag. -Thank the blogger who tagged you! -Choose one of the options. -Tag 10Continue reading “This or That Book Tag”