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Lauren Busser is a writer and editor.

She’s an Associate Editor at Tell-Tale TV where she writes reviews, lists, and interviews.

Her nonfiction has also appeared in Brain Mill Press – VOICES, Memooir Mixtapes,Bitch Media, The Hartford Courant, and Patch.

Her fiction has appeared in five::2::one magazine’s #thesideshow, Bending Genres, Popshot Quartley, formercactus, and Little Death Literary Magazine.

She’s also worked in a bakery, a kindergarten classroom, and a drugstore. She also dog sits on occasion.

When she isn’t writing she can be found watching a lot of science fiction and taking photos. She is currently working on multiple fiction projects that started out as short stories but took on a life on their own. She tells herself this a good thing.

Sometimes, Lauren likes to imagine what her past lives may have looked like and has come to the conclusion that she very likely may have run an apothecary in one of them.

Lauren received her BA from Sarah Lawrence College where she concentrated in writing and literature. She now lives and multitasks in Newtown, Connecticut.

Not so long ago, during a conference for a class at Sarah Lawrence, a professor remarked that Lauren liked using commas a little too much. They dubbed this phenomenon a “comma hangover.”

That summer Lauren was interviewing children’s book author Kate Klise who said the term would be a great title for a memoir. When Lauren decided to start a new blog, she found the URL was available and bought it.

In the years since Lauren has gotten the rules of commas down thanks to Strunk and White.

To stay in touch you can follow her on Twitter @LaurenBusser or sign up for her newsletter to find out when she’s releasing new work.