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I saw this over at Book Adventures and I thought I would give this a go for a bit of fun! Plus, not only do I watch TV, but I also write about it over at Tell-Tale TV, so take a look at my TV history.

First TV show you ever watched.

I literally grew up on 90s Nickelodeon, old black and white sitcoms (Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie were two of my favorites), and then a smattering of JAG and M*A*S*H.

The first show that I remember watching with any regularity was Space Cases on Nickelodeon. (And yes, if you’re wondering that is Jewel Staite from Firefly with the rainbow hair!)

It probably explains my later obsession with sci-fi shows like Stargate: Atlantis, Star Trek: Voyager, and Battlestar Galactica.

All time favourite TV show.

Orphan Black - Dancing Clones

In the year and a half I’ve been writing for Tell-Tale TV, I’ve reviewed a lot of shows, and the one I am constantly rating the highest is Orphan Black.

It always delivers a consistent narrative, and I always feel like the stakes are high, even when I don’t see the endgame. That’s critical for me in a book or a television show, and when I watch a new episode of Orphan Black, I know that I can expect to be engaged.

Your character crush.


I would love to have CJ Cregg’s gusto in The West Wing. I really loved some of her comebacks whenever someone did something that was an inconvenient PR nightmare, and that one time a style reporter asked her what she was wearing and she said very plainly: “It’s a dress!”

Favourite OTP.


Mulder and Scully from The X-Files. I think they were the first ship I ever really shipped to be honest, and I just really liked them together.

Mostly because the first episode of the series I saw was “Bad Blood” where Mulder thought he killed a vampire, but it turned out to be a kid, and he and Scully were going back and forth with their version of events, and I remembered really liking their sense of humor with one another.

Most disappointing ending or cancellation.

I remember being really disappointed when The 4400 was cancelled. It was a USA show about 4400 people who were abducted over the course of fifty years, and returned at once outside Mt. Rainer in Washington State. But they returned remembering nothing and had to adjust to a life that was interupted.

The show was a victim of the last writer’s strike. The end of Season 4 set up for something amazing but then it never came out.

A show you’d like to be on.

Doctor Who GIF Trip in the Tardis

I would really like to be a companion in Doctor Who. There is a lot of history I would like to visit.

I can deal with the Weeping Angles, and the running, and the Daleks constantly trying to kill me if I can visit places like Pompeii and meet people like the Mirabel sister.

And I won’t lie, I would like to see how things turn out in about ten years or so.

A character you’d love to take out on a date.


Good question. I think I would honestly like to take Alex Karev out. He’s been through a lot this year, and I am honestly, not a fan of Jo on Grey’s Anatomy. Plus, I hated him in the first episode, and now he’s actually gotten to be a decent human being, so he’s definitely going in the right direction.

A popular TV show you can’t stand.


In general, I cannot stand reality television. It just makes no sense to me why we need this manufacturered reality when people have great stories in them that are dying to be told? (And yes, I do get the argument that they are

I never could sit through an episode of American Idol. I am sorry, I love Kelly Clarkson, but damn that show really should just be put to bed. Why are they reviving it?

A scene that made you cry like a baby.


I can be such an easy crier, especially when it comes to a character death, and Orphan Black had one recently that I am sure I will still be wrecked over. The thing is, I can’t tell you what scenes make me cry like a baby because they’re all spoilers, but they usually involve someone dying, or a hard choice being made.

A character with a killer wardrobe.


I love Adelle DeWitt’s wardrobe in Dollhouse! She ran a super secret organization, but I really loved her style. My wide feet would never fit into her Loubitons, but every other piece of clothing I loved.

I also love Olivia Pope’s outfits in Scandal! They are just very chic. Plus, just look at those her coats! She has the best coat game on television! I just want her fricken coats.

Alright, so that’s it for the TV Shows Tag! Have you watched any of these shows? Have an OTP I should know about? Let me know about it in the comments below. 

And now, I am tagging a few people to keep this going!

Shanah @ Bionic Book Worm
Em @ Keystroke Blog
Sarah @ Reviews and Readathons
Amanda @ Hanging With Amanda
Sarah @ Sarah Withers Blogs

And anyone who wants to do this tag because they just want to talk about their favorite TV shows! If you do this tag, link back and I will check out your answers. 


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