Orange is the New Black Book Tag

Orange is the New Black Book Tag

Orange is the New Black Season 5 came out on Netflix last month, and I’ve been eying this tag for a long time. So I decided to finally buckle down and try to get some solid answers.

Name a main character who you think is with the wrong person in the love triangle


This one is hard for me because I tend to not ship characters in books and just let the story play out. I usually find myself shipping characters in TV series more. That being said, the first thought that I had for this was Hermione in Harry Potter.

I don’t think Hermione and Ron are a good match for each other, and while I originally liked, in my naive teenage way, that Hermione didn’t end up with the hero, I think she would have thrive with someone like Harry as a life partner.

There is a whole other blog post here so I am going to leave it at that.

Name a character who doesn’t quite know how to open up about feelings


M.M. Banning in Be Frank With Me by Julia Claiborne Johnson doesn’t quite know how to open up about her feelings. She doesn’t connect with Alice and she doesn’t communicate her feelings well towards other people. Her one love is writing.

Crazy Eyes
Name a character who does some not so great things but isn’t necessarily an antagonist


Thinking about Crazy Eyes makes me think of Melanie in The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey. Melanie is a girl who isn’t quite sure why she’s treated the way she is, or why she acts the way she does when we meet her.

If you’ve read the book. I think of Melanie as Season 1 Crazy Eyes. In Season 1, Crazy Eyes was misunderstood, really just had an attachment to Piper, but underneath it was just that she didn’t pick up on social cues.

I really can’t say more without giving away the entire plot. Read the book, or see the movie, and then come talk to me about Melanie being like Crazy Eyes.

Ms. Claudette
Name a character who makes a bad first impression but you have grown to love


I really didn’t like Caden when I first met him in The Vanishing Girl by Laura Thalassa. I thought that he was really rude and kind of a scumbag, but as the story progressed I was really drawn in by him.

Name a character who you feel needs retribution for their behavior


I think the obvious answer to this is Amy from Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. And I can’t really say more than that. So, let’s party in the comments if you want to discuss it more.

Sophia Burset
Name a character who puts on a strong outer exterior when they’re dealing with inner turmoil


I feel like the main character in Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein is the perfect example.

One’s under interrogation by the Germans after working with the French resistance and she will consistently correct them when they say she’s an English spy. (She’s a scotsman!) Despite this strong exterior, the book is an account of her “confession,” and she openly confesses to regrets she has.

Nicky Nichols
Name a character who always says what they’re thinking – tough love.


When I think about Nicky I think of a line she said in the trailer for season one. We don’t quite know what she’s talking about but it turned out she was talking about the SHU:

It’s just like the Hamptons only f*cking horrible!

That kind of sass is what made me pick Stevie from Paperweight by Meg Haston. Stevie has been sent to a treatment center for an eating disorder, but she has other plans. She caused the death of her brother and she wants to die. She’s done the math and she knows exactly what she needs to do.

I say in my review that the entire plot reminded me a bit of a lifetime movie, but a really well written one. What made it for me was Stevie’s voice. Her determination and struggle is real and palpable. She’s really sarcastic and calculating and still tells it like it is.

In one of her conversations with her therapist she actually says: “You’re f*cked up too.”

Name a character who will stand up for those they love


It’s a little serendipitous that I am going to use Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard for a character who calls herself Red. Mare Barrow from Red Queen is a victim of circumstance, but she’s also fiercely loyal, and that’s why I picked her.

Even though, by some freak accident, she’s discovered an ability she has, and it’s forcing her to play a role, she’s still thinking of her family and her brothers.

Yoga Jones
Name a character who deals with some deep regret in the story


Kodi Scheer’s Midair is drenched with regret. You won’t tell by the first line but as the story progresses it is clear that Vanessa has some deep regret regarding her previous state of mind.

She is wrestling with some tough issues and a death she feels responsible for. It’s a compelling and meditative book, but it also shows a real dichotomy between the teenage late 90s Vanessa and the modern Vanessa.

Name a character who betrays someone and doesn’t seem to give a shit


All I have to say is: The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena. This is a case where unpacking that statement will just give away the entire plot, so I will leave it at that, and just let it be!

Okay that’s it for the Orange is the New Black Book Tag, now I am going to tag some people for fun! So, for this, I tag:

Lindsay @ Paradis Books
Em @ Keystroke Blog
Analee @ Book Snacks
Jackie @ Too Much of a Book Nerd
Asunder @ Tea and Paperbacks
And any other Orange is the New Black fans who want to do this tag!



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