The Sunday Post // August 28, 2016

10. Sunday Post 8-28-2016Another week has come and gone! I have some exciting new articles to show you from Comma Hangover and around the internet, plus some interesting reads that are suer to excite you.

This Week on Comma Hangover

The Sunday Post // August 21, 2016

Memorable Mondays // A Kiss is Not a Binding Social Contract
Audiobook Review: Midair by Kodi Scheer

Book Style // Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor)

Waiting On Wednesday #11 Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down by Valente
Blog Tour: Been Here All Along by Sandy Hall (Excerpt)

Book Traveling Thursdays // A Book That Inspires Our Wanderlust

Book Style // Under the Wide and Starry Sky by Nancy Horan

The Wine Book Tag

What Else Have I Been Up To

I also did a list of 17 TV Characters We Love to Hate for Tell-Tale TV. Between the shows I’ve watched and a few suggestions that I got from people on Twitter and Facebook the list encompasses everything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Walking Dead to Revenge and Grey’s Anatomy. All in good fun though, after all we do “love to hate” these characters.

My coverage of Pretty Little Liars continues this week with the penultimate episode leading to the summer finale. This week’s episode is “The Wrath of Kahn,” and I had some pretty strong feelings about the episode.

Around the Blogosphere

Chloe Metzger posted this article asking the age-old question “Can Women Ever Really Win?” This article is in response to the photos the circulated of a woman being forced to undress on a beach in France. This timely article does talk about a really important topic and it’s something that hasn’t gone away.

Head in Her Books talks about “Diversity in Fantasy & Recommendations.” Diversity is something that hasn’t been addressed in many stories and I appreciate the discussion as well as her recommendations for this genre.

Tonya Lee @ Lily Bloom Books discusses reviewing every book you read. Personally, I do. It’s mostly as a record for myself but I can expand more on thoughts here than I could on Amazon or Goodreads.

Moss & Fog renewed my love for avocados! That is all. The photos in this post say it all.

A Frolic Through Fiction shows you how she makes corner bookmarks. I am having conflicted feelings about if I like this style bookmark, but her post looks awesome and I love seeing people make things. So check her out!

The Daydreaming Bookworm talks about how personal is too personal when it comes to book blogging. Personally, I think that when it’s your blog you can get as personal as you want. The books you choose to read come to you for a reason and you’re attracted to them for a reason. I read somewhere that bias exists no matter what so if you rave about a book about ballet because you spent twelve years dancing ballet then we should know that if you want to share it.

Bookshelves & Paperbacks talks about trigger warnings. This seems to be a hot button issue this week, check out the University of Chicago article below as well. This focuses on trigger warnings in books and she provides a really insightful discussion.

Elsewhere on the Internet

The Rio Olympics may be over, but talk about the next site is already underway. Slate talks about the site of the next Summer Olympics after Tokyo. The 2024 big could go between Paris, Rome, Budapest, or Los Angeles. No bids are official yet, so any of these cities could be next.

The Washington Post talked not posting trigger warning on their classes. I am not sure exactly what to say about this, but the fact the way the university seems to be justifying their reasoning makes it sound like they don’t understand what a trigger warning is. It’s not about avoiding controversial topics all together it’s about avoiding a topic that might be sensitive to a certain individual.

Tor posted this article showcasing what’s coming up from the 2016 Hugo Award Fiction Winners.  The winners this year included Neil Gaiman, Andy Weir, Naomi Kritzer, Hao Jingfang, and Nnedi Okorafor.

When I was growing up I was always told to read. This article in The Huffington Post talks about if reading makes you a better person. Does it depend on what you read? That’s what this article discusses.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Chris Carter is going to be honored at the Vancouver Film Festival this year. Let’s be honest, Chris Carter is good at jerking around fans of The X-Files. I mean, did you see how the event series ended? Still, he created an iconic series. However, what this headline doesn’t say is that he is receiving the award as an industry builder. On the revival series he took steps to make it environmentally sustainable including efficient electricity, fuel use, and recycling aluminum and steel used in set construction.

IndieWire is recognizing the women who work behind-the-scenes at the Emmys. They’re rooting for women in some of the below the line categories, including Best Main Sequence and Outstanding Cinematography. While representation of gender in Hollywood is never a fun topic, its great to see women being recognized for amazing work.

Mental Floss talked about how Millennials are ruining vacations for everyone else? So…having a work ethic is a bad thing? Or is the economy we should blame? I know I am guilty of working a lot, but let’s examine the entire picture of why. Please.

Good news for the Gilmore Girls! Coffee consumption could be in your genes. Smithsonian Magazine reports that there may be a genetic link to caffeine metabolism that leads some people to drink less joe. 

That’s it for this week’s Sunday Post! That have you guys been up to this week? Did you find any interesting articles in this post? Let me know in the comments below. See you next Sunday.

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