Social Media Book Tag

Social Media Book Tag

Its time for another tag. This one takes the function of different social media sites and boils them down to a sentence. Then you name a book about each one.

In short, it sounds like a party!

This tag was created by FaultyDevices and you can check out the original video here. I think a question was also added by Ariel Bissett and you can check out her video here.

Your favorite short book.


I loved reading In a Forest, Dark and Deep by Neil LaBute. The play was a really easy read, and I don’t normally find plays easy. This was written about a brother and sister and takes place over the course of one night.

It’s a really cool setup but it also didn’t involve much stage direction, yet I could see both of the characters and hear their voices really clearly.

A book you really enjoyed that was recommended by someone else


I recently read Be Frank With Me by Julia Claiborne Johnson! I really loved her characters and the story she presented. She paces the book really well and wrote a really interesting nine-year-old boy who was just a delight to read about.

The book is about a writer who has been swindled out of a fortune, earned through royalties, and who needs to produce a second book. Her publisher sends Alice from New York to Los Angeles to oversee the production of the book and help M.M. Banning (also known as Mimi) with whatever she needs.

What Mimi needs, is someone to watch her son Frank. And Frank is the character who is odd and precocious, and generally just amazing.

Every word of this book is a delight to read and I cannot help but sing its praises.

A book you read before it was cool


I have been struggling for an answer to this one for a while. I can’t remember a book that I read before it was cool, strictly speaking. I think one of the closest books to this was With Malice by Eileen Cook, which I read an ARC of.

A book you don’t remember whether you liked or not

The Blind Contessa's New Machine

Part of why I started blogging was because I was having this issue where I would remember a book but not if I liked it. Recently, I remembered one title that came up on Goodreads called The Blind Contessa’s New Machine.

What really gets me is not only that I don’t remember if I liked it, but I don’t remember the plot or the characters outside of the title. Good thing there’s a copy of it on the bookshelf. I think it is time to reread this small tome.

A book with a gorgeous, picture worthy cover


I feel like all books are now designed with Instagram in mind. I think that the most beautiful book that I have purchases/encountered recently is Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer.

This is the first book in the Southern Reach Trilogy and I have heard great things about the book. The cover has beautiful illustrations inside and out. If you can, pick up a copy of this book the next time you are out.

You will be blown away by Charlotte Strick’s design.

A book you wish would be made into a movie


I really want Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein to be made into a movie. I only recently listened to it, but it’s one of those books that is so rich in emotion and experience that I feel like it would make a compelling movie in the right hands.

A book with characters that you wish you could talk to instead of just reading about.

The Girls by Emma Cline Cover

I am dying to say Code Name Verity again, but I feel like I need to pick another book!

Honestly, I think that is just about every book that I have ever read. I kind of wish that I could talk to the characters from The Girls by Emma Cline. When I read and reviewed this book I didn’t think it met my expectations, but I really like to talk to Evie and discuss her experiences with the cult and the girls.

Emma Cline does a great job presenting the story to us with beautiful, lyrically writing. Seeing it as a movie would take away from that, but I think that Evie is an interesting character. Although, I think I would prefer to talk to 1960s Evie.

A book you recommend to everyone


Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger is a book that I recommend to anyone who loves stories with a bit of a supernatural element. I really liked the twins and the sister bond in this book.

I’ve ranted before about how this book isn’t as well liked as The Time Traveler’s Wife, but I honestly believe that this book is stronger. The community and the characters are more developed, plus it gave me this gem which I will always remember:

“I’m bored with knitting. I’ve taken up arson.”

That does it for the Social Media Book Tag! What do you think of my choices? Have you read any of these books?

I am going to tag a few people to keep this tag going. If you are into this then please do it anyway.

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Holly @ Book Twister Reviews
Morgan @ Happily Ever Bookish
Esther @ Chapter Adventures
Ola @ Ola Reads Books

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