The Shuffle Book Tag

I have honestly been in a music and books mood recently and I found this tag over at (Over) Analysing Literature and I thought that I would give it a shot with my iTunes library.

I have honestly been looking for a tag or something similar to this for a few weeks now! I love music and literature and I thought the idea that I could tie them together somehow would be awesome!

Thank so you much creating this tag, now onto the rules! Here’s how it works:


  1. Thank the person who nominated you, and provide a link to their post.
  2. Shuffle your itunes library, google play music library, or whatever you’ve got.
  3. For each song that comes on, list the song and the artist, and name a book that it makes you think of, explaining why. (You can do as many or as few as you want, I’m not going to set a number. This is a low pressure tag. Whoever we are, we’s pretty laid back.)
  4. Tag however many people you want, or everyone.

Before we start, a note on the formatting of this post. Since this combined music and books I decided to try to add the multimedia element.

If you want to listen to all the songs, you can find them on a Spotify playlist, that can be found here.

If you are only interested in or two songs, you can click the title of each song. That will take you to a YouTube video that will open in a new tab.

Fall Out Boy


I think this song fits Ani from Luckiest Girl Alive really well. I am not sure that she’s really looking for fame like this song suggests, but I think that this song has elements of her personality.

The story alternates between an older Ani and a younger Ani’s perspective as she prepares to go on air for a documentary. This part of the song reminds me of fourteen-year-old Ani:

Mummified my teenage dreams
No, it’s nothing wrong with me
The kids are all wrong
The stories are off
Heavy metal broke my heart

Reading Ani’s story and remembering the way she doggedly denied that any other stories held any ounce of truth, this fits so well.

Rabbit Heart
Florence + The Machine


I feel like this song fits Code Name Verity. The song seems like it fits both the main characters so well.

I can’t really pull it apart without giving away the plot so this may need to be another part itself where I pull certain lines out and passages from the book so that I don’t spoil everyone.

No, I Don’t Remember
Anna Ternheim


This song could easily fit any of a number of memory-loss fiction scenarios. For this tag I am picking With Malice by Eileen Cook, because it reminds me of the disintegration of the relationship between Jill and Simone.

Take the opening lines for example:

No, I don’t remember
What brought us to this
What places we blindly passed
What turns we missed
When things really mattered
And we really cared
When simply being was easy
Just having you there

This is supposed to be about a romantic relationship but I feel like it applies to Jill and Simone as well, plus the added stress of Jill not remembering six weeks of her life.

The Giving Tree
Plain White T’s


Rachel in The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is the character that this song reminds me of. The song is about feeling and being abandoned by the person you love. The refrain from the song says:

If all you wanted was love
Why would you use me up?
Cut me down? Build a boat? And sail away?
When all I wanted to be was your Giving Tree
Settle down, build a home, and make you happy

Rachel was the most heartbreaking character to me in this novel and I think that when it comes out that she blames her infertility for the end of her marriage that just cinches it right there.

I Can’t Decide
Scissor Sisters

Oh god! The end of Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, there just…there’s no question. This song is all about two people who are just out to kill each other.

I honestly first found this song through Doctor Who. The Master is playing it while he holds the Doctor and Martha’s family hostage.

When I think of Amy and Nick done I just imagine the venom they have towards each other. These lines in particular remind me the most of them:

It’s a bitch convincing people to like you
If I stop now call me a quitter
If lies were cats you’d be a litter

This reminds me of Amy claiming that she didn’t agree to marry who Nick had become and the plan that comes out of this reminds me of  these lines that come a little later:

I’ve got to hand it to you
You’ve played by all the same rules
It takes the truth to fool me
And now you’ve made me angry



Sometimes I find music based on different television shows. This one was played on Grey’s Anatomy, during a Season 12 arc where Geena Davis was a fetal surgeon with a brain tumor. They were waiting to see if her character would wake up from surgery.

So my choice is a little colored by that and I am choosing If I Stay by Gayle Forman. This song has an eerie dreamlike quality that reminds me of Mia being stuck between two worlds.

Towards the end of the song it says:

It’s alright
And you know that, don’t you?
In time
How it all works out

It especially reminds me of the moment when she asks her grandpa what to do and her grandpa tells her that she can go and Adam begging her to stay so that he doesn’t have to write a song.

Elastic Heart 
Sia  (feat. The Weeknd and Diplo)


This reminds me of the siblings in In a Forest, Dark and Deep by Neil LaBute. This play is about two siblings in a cabin in the woods to clean out her latest tenants things.

A large part of the story is about their love lives so I think that this song fits that so well because they’re both just trying to hold it together.

The first verse in particular reminds me of Betty:

And I want it and I wanted it bad
But there were so many red flags
Now another one bites the dust
And let’s be clear, I trust no one

While the second verse reminds me of Bobby.

And I will stay up through the night
And let’s be clear, won’t close my eyes
And I know that I can survive
I’ll walk through fire to save my life

Cecilia and the Satellite
Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness


This song reminds me of Under the Wide and Starry Sky by Nancy Horan. There’s a lot of ups and downs in this song and I think it fits a book about a twenty year marriage perfectly.

This line in particularly reminds me of Fanny and Louis perfectly:

I’ve cafe crawled through Amsterdam
I’ve been around the world with a punk rock band
And I’ve seen London, and I’ve played Japan
I’ve been knocked down, I got up again
For all the places I have been
I’m no place without you

Louis had a lung condition and Fanny spent most of their relationship trying to find ways to make his life more comfortable. The book has them traveling around the country trying to find a place where he will be comfortable.

But it didn’t seem to matter where they were as long as they were together.

Imagine Dragons


This song screams The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey to me! The world that the song is set in, isn’t really a radioactive one, but Melanie does have the power to change everything within the story.

Melanie and the adults she’s with are trekking through England trying to find safety in a world full of zombies and changes are coming.

Cough Syrup
Young the Giant


This reminds me of Delirium by Lauren Oliver and the promise of The Cure. Young The Giant’s “Cough Syrup” sounds like Lena in the throws of the early stages of Amour Deliria Nervosa.

The first few lines of the song remind sound like a perfect fit for the story:

Life’s too short to even care at all oh
I’m losing my mind losing my mind losing control
These fishes in the sea they’re staring at me oh oh oh oh oh oh
A wet world aches for a beat of a drum, oh

The cure happens when the kids turn eighteen, hence “life’s too short” and falling in love with Alex is Lena losing her mind. “The fishes in the sea” are the “Cureds” looking for signs of Deliria and the beating of the drum is Lena’s heart.

That about does it for The Shuffle Book Tag! What do you guys think of my song and book pairings?

Now onto tagging! This seems like a fairly new tag so I am going to tag a few people to get the ball rolling! 

Charlotte @ Wonderfully Bookish
Erin @ Breathing in the Pages
Emma @ The Terror of Knowing
Ola @ Ola Reads Books
Emma Kath @ Llady Literary
Victoria @ The Petite Book Blogger

If this isn’t your thing, you can ignore this tag, no pressure.  Likewise, if anyone really likes music and wants to do this really cool low-pressure tag go ahead and do it!

Don’t let my insane analysis deter you! Sometimes you just can’t get away from literature analysis! 


Published by Lauren Busser

Lauren Busser is a fiction writer and essayist. She is an associate editor at Tell-Tale TV, where she writes about all things tv. She has had fiction appear in five : 2 : one magazine’s #thesideshow and her nonfiction has appeared in Bitch Media and The Hartford Courant. You can find her talking about tv, film, and knitting on Twitter @LaurenBusser.

12 thoughts on “The Shuffle Book Tag

  1. This tag combines my two favourite things, I love it! I’m definitely gonna tag myself 😂 Also, I’m all about analysing lyrics to match them with certain characters and scenes so I totally appreciate the thought you put into this ♥ I’ve only read Gone Girl out of these books, but from what I know about the ones I haven’t they suit all the songs perfectly.


    1. Thank you! I am working on a couple of mixes that I hope to release based on certain books. And I have a few posts I want to do analyzing lyrics in greater depth! This is my favorite tag at the moment!!


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