Book Traveling Thursdays // A Book Featuring Music

5. Book Involving MusicBook Traveling Thursdays is a weekly feature created by Danielle’s Book Blog and The Girl Who Read Too Much that highlights book covers from around the world.

This week we are taking a look at books that are connected to music. I chose Gayle Forman’s beautifully haunting novel  If I Stay.

A large part of this story is Mia’s life as a cellist, and how she connects to the world through music, despite her parents and boyfriend appreciating very different styles.

Now, onto the covers!

Original Cover

These are the original US hardcover and paperback editions. I am not sure if I like the hardcover but I love the paperback. I think that it captures the basic plot of the book really well.

Favorite Covers

For this one,I picked the Portuguese, Croatian, and Swedish covers. I think a large part of why I liked these covers was because they focused on the heart of the book.

The Portuguese cover has the road with the trees, which I think coincides with the accident and Mia’s choice. I could do without the filter but I love the moodiness of the image.

I really like the Croatian cover. The double-exposure of i sleeping Mia and then her looking over with her eyes wide open is enchanting. It’s a beautiful cover and I would definitely pick this up in the supermarket.

The Swedish cover is connected more to Mia’s love of music. I love the overall style. I am not sure about the floral pattern behind it but I definitely like how it is connected to the cello. Music is a large part of Mia’s life and just as important to the story.

Least Favorite Covers

My least favorite covers are the Serbian, German, and Persian editions of If I Stay.

The Serbian edition screams of an alien abduction scenario to me. This is the antithesis of what this book is about. While the experience is a little paranormal, it isn’t an abduction. Then again, maybe I just watch too much of The X-Files.

The German cover looks really beautiful, but it also misses the point of the book. It reads like a young adult romance, which If I Stay is, but it is also about a choice and the importance of music in Mia’s life. This cover references neither of those things.

The Persian cover is creepy. I want to find a better way to say it, but I don’t know that there is any way to sugar-coat my reaction. It’s just creepy. Not only is creepy but a little morbid. Are those shoes standing on a headstone?

There you have it. A world trip through the covers of If I StayWhat books do you love that have a connection to music? 


Published by Lauren Busser

Lauren Busser is a fiction writer and essayist. She is an associate editor at Tell-Tale TV, where she writes about all things tv. She has had fiction appear in five : 2 : one magazine’s #thesideshow and her nonfiction has appeared in Bitch Media and The Hartford Courant. You can find her talking about tv, film, and knitting on Twitter @LaurenBusser.

10 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursdays // A Book Featuring Music

  1. I agree with your choices! I really love the Croatian one, it’s beautiful, evben though usually I don’t like the covers with people on.
    I haven’t read this book series, but I’ve seen the movie and I loved. I need to read the books soon!! ☺


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