The Sunday Post // July 10, 2016

1. Sunday Post 7-10-216

It’s been another productive week here at Comma Hangover. Here are some of the highlights from this week.

This Week on Comma Hangover

Sunday: The Sunday Post // July 3, 2016
Monday: The Coffee Book Tag
Tuesday: Audiobook Review: The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown | Burn, Rewrite, Reread Tag
Wednesday: Waiting on Wednesday // Sirius by Jonathan Crown
Thursday: Book Traveling Thursdays // A Book With an Eye Candy Cover
Friday: The Harry Potter Spells Book Tag
Saturday: 3 Days, 3 Quotes // Some Thoughts On Shakespeare | Review: Prom and Other Hazards by Jamie Sullivan

What Else Have I Been Up To

Here are some new posts of mine up on Tell-Tale TV this week!

I revisited Grey’s Anatomy with a quiz! You can take the quiz here and see how well you know the doctors of Grey-Sloan Memorial.

On Wednesday I reviewed Pretty Little Liarswith an episode that frankly, spent a lot of time spinning its wheels.

I also covered episode 8 and 9 of Orange is the New Black this week. The episodes include the establishment of a “school” at Litchfield and the Dominicans artfully avoiding pat downs.

From the Blogosphere:

Shelley Motz wrote a beautiful essay called “Derailed by History” for THE FEM. It’s a real eye-opening essay and I recommend giving it a read.

Chloe Metzger wrote this beautifully peace about post-university depression! It’s a dialogue and discussion that should had so give it a read and join in if you haven’t yet.

Esther @ Chapter Adventures discusses the pros and cons of disclosing plot twists in reviews. I personally don’t like when someone discloses a plot twist but sometimes it does help me get into a title that I wouldn’t have read before.

Pamela @ A Writer’s Tale discusses Bookstagram: Consistency vs. Theme. Interesting discussion if you’re considering or have a bookstagram account.

Salma @ Up ‘Til Midnight discusses “Why We Fall In Love with Fictional Characters!”  isn’t that a problem that plagues us all?

Politics, Polymers, and Dresses talks about a need for reviews with more substance. While I can enjoy a good fluffy beach read as much as the next girl, I do think we need to read books a little more closely for things like social justice.

Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook discusses success and how we define our blogs as successful.

Around the Internet

Picking up a heist narrative? Check out this article: ‘The Unusual Suspects: Why Heist Narratives Hold for Women.’

The New Yorker published a piece about ‘How Craft Brewer Advance Science, and Make Better Beer.’ I don’t drink beer buy given the varieties out now I am hopeful I will find one that I like.

The Establishment published a piece that speaks to a universal truth! The fact is: ‘You Don’t Have to Be an A**hole.”

Check out the ‘Wheel of Feminist Fortune’ published by B*tch Media this week!

What have you been up to this week? Share your accomplishments with me and let me know what you’ve been reading.


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