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This or That Book Tag by Ayunda at Tea and Paperbacks. I found this on Wonderfully Bookish and I thought it sounded kind of fun. Thank you Charlotte for posting this wonderful tag.

Here are the rules:
-Mention the creator of the tag.
-Thank the blogger who tagged you!
-Choose one of the options.
-Tag 10 other people to do this tag and spread the love!

1. Reading on the couch or on the bed?

The couch has been my favorite place of late.  That and an anti-gravity lawn chair on the patio. Any place I read, it is safe to say that my trusty pug-dachshund mix, Sissy, is by my side enjoying some rays or a quiet moment snuggled into my side.


2. Male main character or female main character?

This really isn’t something that matters to me as long as the character is well-written. I’ve read books with male main characters, like Where She Went, and female main characters like Before I Die.

I think what’s more important to me is the relationships the character forms. Under the Wide and Starry Sky is a book I like because it follows the main character but really focuses on the relationship between Fanny and her second husband Louis.

3. Sweet snacks or salty snacks when reading?

I don’t really have a bowl of anything near me while I am reading, except for the couple of times I ate some cut up fruit which I classify as sweet.

4. Trilogies or quartets?

This really doesn’t matter to me as much as the quality of the story. I think I have read mostly trilogies, so I would say trilogies. I am actually looking forward to reading Margaret Atwood’s Madaddam Trilogy after reading Oryx and Crake.

I think even a good duology can be a treat. I am thinking specifically of If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Forman. What really matters is knowing when your characters are done. There is nothing I hate more than a series that drags on past its time.

5. First-person point of view or third-person point of view?

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot more first person book. It isn’t one of my favorite perspectives but I find that I really like them a lot more now. Maybe its the stories I’ve been reading now or the fact that many of them aren’t just a single perspective.

I am thinking specifically of books like I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh, where the story is told from two first-person points of view and one third-person point of view. Other first person books I’ve read lately put the characters in two different timelines. Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll relies on time jumps to the past, same with my current read The Girls by Emma Cline.

6. Reading at night or in the morning?

I like reading in the morning a lot more than I thought I would. I have recently started trying to read for at least an hour in the morning and it’s been a great exercise. As long as I don’t get distracted by social media.

7. Libraries or bookstores?

I have the most amazing local independent bookstore that I visit frequently. I also love libraries but there are benefits and drawbacks to each of them! So I am going to say bookstores because that keeps the book trade alive.

8. Books that make you laugh or make you cry?

Any book that makes me cry will also make me laugh. In fact, it is safe to say that osme of my favorite books make me do both. Most recently, I read City of Thieves by David Benioff and Lily and the Octopus by Steven Rowley. Both of those books made me laugh hysterically at times and made me sob at others.

9. Black book covers or white book covers?

Really? This is a question? I don’t have a favorite color. I will admit to being vain and really liking some cover aesthetics better than others but an interesting cover is more likely to draw me in than whether it is black or white.

10. Character-driven or plot-driven stories?

A mix of both. In an ideal world there would be a great plot and well-concieved and written characters. I can’t stand when a book has a plot that has the potential to be good but has a terrible character and I can’t stand it when good characters aren’t given enought to do in a book.

For this review I am tagging whoever wants to participate. If you decide to do this tag, please let me know and send me a link so that I can check it out.

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Lauren Busser is a fiction writer and essayist. She is an associate editor at Tell-Tale TV, where she writes about all things tv. She has had fiction appear in five : 2 : one magazine’s #thesideshow and her nonfiction has appeared in Bitch Media and The Hartford Courant. You can find her talking about tv, film, and knitting on Twitter @LaurenBusser.

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