What is #QuiltersBookPassport?

I don’t doubt in my mind that the internet is doing wonderful things. Bringing people together, making new connections, and drawing together different disciplines.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to #QuiltersBookPassport on Instagram via my feed. I haven’t quilted in a while and it’s a practice I have been eager to get back to but I find myself drawn more towards patchwork and colorful quilts than anything that fits one specific color family. So, #QuiltersBookPassport seemed like just the thing for me.

As I explored the thread I met @ButtonCounter who originated the idea. The idea is to share your books with your friends and followers along with 3-4 fat quarters of fabric. For those who don’t sew or quilt: a fat quarter is a piece of fabric 18″ by 22″ in size. This is plenty of fabric to construct a block for a quilt or even to make a little pouch, infinity scarf, or a patchwork handbag.

To Add a  Book Into Circulation

  1. Read a book. It can be any book you are interested in. Fiction. Nonfiction. Old. New. Sci-fi. Fantasy. Chick Lit. Doesn’t matter as long as it floats your boat.
  2. Select 3-4 fat quarters that relate to the book in some way. Character, scene, recurring theme.
  3. Post the book to Instagram with #quiltersbookpassport and ask who wants to read it next.
  4. Send the book to your friend or follower

Claiming a Book

  1. Follow the hashtag #quiltersbookpassport
  2. Wait for a book that you think looks interesting.
  3. Send the owner of the book a request. If there’s a list, the current reader might be willing to add you to it.
  4. Wait for the book to arrive in the mail and be sure to let the sender know it has arrived safe and sound.
  5. Read it within a month (or so…)
  6. Select your own fat quarters.
  7. Post that the book is ready to put back into circulation.
  8. Package the book and send your book and fat quarters to the next person on the list.

I loved this idea and had recently finished two books myself. So I decided to toss my hat into the ring with a couple of ideas. These were the first two books I used for this project:

View this post on Instagram

So I've been debating starting a #quiltersbookpassport, but the problem is I have only recently come back to quilting. I just finished "If I Stay" about a week ago and I have trolled through some collections to find fabric that I think fits the books theme. If someone is interested I will order the fabric and ship the book out. Here's how: Quilter's Book Passport works! The original owner sends out a book with 3-4 fat quarters that remind them of that book. The recipient gets to keep the FQs and reads the book within a month. Then they pass it on to one of their quilty friends/followers with three FQs they pick! This continues until it reaches ten people at which point it goes back to the owner with three to four FQs! What do you think? Anyone up for a bookish adventure? #book #bookstagram #quilting #sewing #sewersofinstagram #quiltersofinstagram #readersofinstagram #bookloversofinstagram #craftersofinstagram #ifistay #youngadultbooks

A post shared by Lauren Busser (@madamedefarge) on

I don’t have much of a stash so my initial posts are usually close ups of the fabric with the book cover. After I post initially, I order the fabric and send a fat quarter to the person who claimed the book and I usually have to wait until I’ve read two or three to make an order worthwhile.

For this reason I am also adding a page to this blog dedicated to #QuiltersBookPassport. This page will be hosting the books I have ready for new homes. You can see a list of books that I have ready for shipment and also see what I am making with my fat quarters in that gallery as well.

Come join us on Instagram and see what bookish inspired fabrics you might find!


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